Google’s new search tool helps compare any two smartphones.

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How do you get information on how one smartphone is better than the other? Searching on Google i guess, and how easy is it to get that specific answer you seek? If you just search, you might not find exactly what you are looking in the first few top results and because of that you would have to dig deeper. To make this easier, Google just rolled out a new tool for search, this couldn’t have landed at a better time, as new phones just keep getting launched.

Android Police was among the first few site to report this new feature a couple of days ago, it allows comparison between phones with a simple search. For instance, to compare two phones, just search for both with “VS” in between and a chart will appear with important details.

Although the information it provides isn’t as comprehensive as those you’d see on technology sites, it is a quick way to get an overview of two smartphones. The feature doesn’t seem to be available to everyone yet and more work still needs to be done on it.
To test if the feature has reached you, try typing in something like “iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL” into the search bar, if you have it, you’ll see a chart like this:

This is another awesome addition to Google search.

Google is an American multinational technology company founded on the 4th of September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D students at Stanford University. The company specializes in Internet-related services and products such as online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. Most of the company’s profits are derived from AdWords, an online advertising service that places advertising near the list of search results. Google’s headquarters is in Mountain View, California.

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