How to Fix iPhone January 1st 1970 Bug

Here’s how to fix the iPhone 1970 bug, actually this isn’t recommended as it could lead to more damages. A recent video uploaded by JerryRigEverything appears to work perfectly. This fix involves you opening up your iPhone which could damage your device further and void your warranty.

From the video it is seen that JerryRigEverything unscrews the case of the iPhone, disconnects the battery before reconnecting it again. In essence a simple unplugging of the battery and reconnecting it back will fix the software issue (now that’s why i will prefer smartphones with removable battery) when this is done, your date and time will automatically reset, giving you full access to the device.

Another better way of fixing the 1970 bug (and even safer way) is to let the battery run entirely down.

Though Apple has agreed to provide an update to fix this, allowing the battery drain down completely is a more safer option than cracking the device open.

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