iPhones or Android Smartphones, which is more reliable.


There have been deliberations overtime on which of either phones is more reliable. An answer is finally here from Blancco Technology group, and the company says that Android devices are less likely to fail compared to Apple devices. It is believed that this is in fact the first time that Apple devices have experienced a higher failure rate than Android Smartphones.

A previous study made showed that Apple experienced a 25% failure rate and Android on the other hand a 44% failure rate. But it was revealed in the study entitled the State of Mobile Device Performance and Health for the second quarter of 2016 that Apple had a really high failure rate of 58%. The Apple device having the highest failure rate is the iPhone 6 with a failure rate of 29%, following it is the iPhone 6S with23% and then iPhone 6S plus with 14%.

When it comes to Android, Samsung came out with the lowest performance with a failure rate of 26% followed by Lenovo and LeTV. Motorola had a better failure rate of 11%. From the study, it is clear to see that Android’s failure rate is comparably lower than that of Apple.

If it does any good, you should know that Apple devices fail more frequently in Asia and North America when compared to Android. The rate of failure in Asia is 52% and in North America 59%, it was also discovered that, crashing apps, unable to connect to WiFi and headsets problems were the main causes of this failure which were 65%, 11%, and 4% respectively. The apps included were Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. For Android, failure rates were caused by camera, app crashers, random reboots, syncing issues and battery issues. The apps involved were , Google play services, Goggle contacts sync and Address Book were those that crashed more often. In all, Apple experienced 50% of app crashes than Android which had 23%. So, based on reliability you know which to pick.

Blancco Ltd. is an international data security company that specializes in data erasure and computer reuse for corporations, governments and computer remarketing companies. Founded and headquartered in Joensuu, Finland, the company operates from offices across Europe, North America, The Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australasia. Blancco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regenersis, a strategic outsourcing company to consumer technology companies.

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