Online Sale Of Bible In China Stopped


According to a CNN report, China’s religious regulatory body may have finally put a stop to the online sale of the Bible.

The speculation came as search results almost did not return on major online stores in China. Stores like did not return a result for “Holy Bible”, result did not include the main Bible text, rather it gave study guides and the Koran.

On Taobao, China largest online store, the Amazon equivalent, it only returned results for “illustrated set of children’s Bible stories, baby food Bible and the autoimmune disease healing Bibles”, but not for the Christian Bible.

Religion in China has been strictly censored by the Chinese communist government. For Christians, there’s been a heavy control on the sale of the Bible, allowing it to only be printed and distributed by the communist-state-sanctioned churches only.

There are four major religions in China -Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, and Christianity, each having a long history of influence on its followers. There’s a fact that no religion has ever assumed a dominant position in China.

According to the report, two online merchants disclosed that public listing of the Bible on Taobao is now impossible, thus confirming the ban on online Bible sale.

It will be recalled that the Vatican is not responsible for appointment of Chinese Catholic bishops. The strict regulations on religious activities cuz across all the major religious groups. However, there appears to be stricter control against Christianity.

As reported, “the banning of the sale of Bible is obviously a worrying move demonstrating the worsening state of freedom of religion in China.”

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