Seagate teams up with Microsoft to bring the 2TB HDD for Xbox One

Xbox and Seagate

The XBOX ONE been shipped with 500gb HDD, poses as a problem for gamers as storage isn’t just enough, games now take up more hard drive space, an example of such is the the Witcher which feature installs that approach 50GB storage.



The Xbox one and Xbox 360 Gaming consoles has received an external upgrade from Seagate, a 2 terabyte USB 3.0 hard disk. Seagate made the announcement at the Gamescom fan show in cologne, Germany stating that the new storage device was created specifically in mind for Xbox gamers .


With this, one could feel more comfortable as storage space won’t be much of a problem and you wouldn’t have to delete other games to free up space from your consoles library.

With all of the new and amazing titles expected for this holiday season and a ton more games coming in the future, Xbox gamers will need even more storage and portability

Matt Kesselring
Business Development Manager for the Design for Xbox Partner Hardware Team

It’s good to know that Seagate has provided the solution for this need, partnership between the two companies would yield great and satisfying results.

The drive will retail for $110 at Amazon, Best Buy and other consumer electronic retailers worldwide.

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