Twitter Followers Count: Celebrities Lose Followers


As Twitter announced last week that it would review it’s users’ followers count, it appears that, that decision meant celebrities as well as other users are to lose followers in the followers confidence count.

In a statement issued by Twitter before the followers confidence count exercise, it hinted that it was to undergo a followers confidence count, in which users may experience loss of four or fewer, while some more followers on its platform. It says, “Most people will see a change of four followers or fewer; others with larger follower counts will experience a more significant drop”.

The company said it had locked out several accounts, which it detected sudden changes in behavior in such accounts. These sudden changes ranges from Tweeting a large volume of unsolicited replies or mentions, Tweeting misleading links, or if a large number of accounts block the account after mentioning them. It was in view of this, it announced it would be removing these locked accounts from follower counts across profiles globally. As a result, the number of followers displayed on many profiles may go down.

The exercise is over, and now some of the world’s biggest celebrities have lost millions of Twitter followers. Typical among them are US singer Katy Perry and Lady Gaga lost about 2.5 million followers. Former US President, Barack Obama’s followers count wasn’t spared. His Twitter followers count went down 2.1 million. Surprisingly, Twitter’s own account on the platform got a heavy hit, as it lost 7.7 million followers.

On whether this decision and changes would affect users’ Monthly Active User (MAU) or Daily Active User (DAU) metrics, Twitter said “no, it will not. Removing locked accounts from followers doesn’t impact MAU or DAU.” This is apparently because, locked accounts on Twitter, a social media news app, which have not reset their password in more than one month are not included in MAU or DAU.

In defense of the follower count lose, Twitter said it was part of its ongoing and global effort to build trust and encourage healthy conversation on Twitter. It stated that whilst the change doesn’t affect MAU or DAU, some accounts it removed from the service was part of it’s ongoing commitment to a healthy public conversation, which have the potential to impact publicly reported metrics.

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read messages called “tweets”. Registered users can read and post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them. Users access Twitter through the website interface, SMS or mobile device app. Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco and has more than 25 offices around the world.

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass and launched in July 2006. The service rapidly gained worldwide popularity, with more than 100 million users posting 340 million tweets a day in 2012. The service also handled 1.6 billion search queries per day. In 2013, it was one of the ten most-visited websites and has been described as “the SMS of the Internet”. As of March 2016, Twitter has more than 310 million monthly active users.

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