Udemy has been criticized for selling pirated courses online

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Udemy has been criticized for selling pirated courses online. This began when Troy Hunt, a security expert and author, discovered that one of his courses on ethical hacking was accessible on Udemy under another author’s name. Troy Hunt discovered this after he spotted a tweet informing him that his course from Pluralsight was sold at Udemy.

Hunt told The Next Web, he was shocked to see the video had just been modified to remove his introduction at the beginning, while the original version on Pluralsight remained unchanged. Someone else modified the video, uploaded it as theirs on Udemy and charged £37 ($55) to watch it.

Udemy removed the video and sent Hunt a mail saying;  We take intellectual property rights seriously and act quickly to remove content when we are notified of any potential copyright infringement.

Hunt wasn’t alone in this, Tekpub co-founder Rob Conery searched Udemy for his own courses, and found one he did for Pluralsight under a user named “Robert C.” although it was watermarked, and Pluralsight was mentioned in the video. Conery made a post on Medium, on how Udemy profits from piracy.

Jeffrey Way a web developer has also found pirated versions of his videos on Udemy

For now Udemy wants its users to alert them if any copyrighted material is found on their site, lets hope they come up with other alternatives.

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