The Unlocking of the iphone 5c didn’t actually cost as much as stated.


According to a new report, it turns out that the FBI didn’t actually spend as much money as initially reported, in unlocking of the iPhone 5c used by the San Bernardino shooter, as a matter of fact what was spent was less than $1million.

Reuters had reported initially last month that over $1.3million was paid by the FBI to third party hackers to get into Farook’s smartphone which they thought had useful information. They recently just got informed that what the FBI paid was actually less than $1million and that the contractor that was used to gain access into to that particular phone is kept confidential, even James Comey the director has no idea who it is, neither does Apple, as such knowledge could get rid of the exploit.

Remember that it was reported that the FBI found no valuable information in the phone? But now Reuters added that the content of that phone is still being examined by the FBI, in the hope of finding some missing pieces of their puzzle. They are also trying to investigate if the terrorist and his wife Tashfeen Malik had associates, and what the both of them had been up to in a particular space of time during and since the last shooting.

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